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2 Learning by heart during the night, when others are in slumber, must have caused a great trouble both for the learner and his mates desirous of sleeping. Il nest pas non plus exclusif de toute expression orale, gestuelle ou sonore. 216 madhavi kolhatkar * which the order is ab ba abc abc be cd bed etc. We will explain how religion itself suffered changes during centuries. 1.1.17 / ye caputa ye ca kamepsavas SVB.

Joint Director Higher Education,Kolhapur Asie - Asia - Expertise France Les fouilles de Mahasthangarh (Bangladesh) - Persée Sahit mantras in the written and oral traditions of the

Vladimirtsov (Sketch of the Mongolian literature. Trivandrum: The Government Press, 1965; MGS Manava-Grhyasutra.

154 As earlier in the ritual, such as seen in the avantara-dTksa, see above. Saints of the respective dhoonas were ordained to go in their directions to spread the Vedic teachings. Sraosa : de la terminologie indo-iranienne a lexegese avestique 199 *-, _ Y33.14 paui'Liuatatom. 87 The Yaska were called hill dwellers ( gairiksita ) several centuries earlier, in.12. Mallory refers to the spread of certain cultural elements of the Yamnaya (Pit Grave) culture over the Pontic-Caspian steppe from the north of the Black Sea to east of the Ural river, between 35 BC, as the Mortuary Mega Horizon (henceforth, MMH). Branches of learning and ritual context.1 The ancient records attest to students having a wide range of learning. Since the performer of the pdrvana-sthdlTpdka is the householder himself, the sacrificial gift consisting of the vessel filled with grain (laid down south of the fire in the beginning of the rite, see SSC 1,2) is not given away to anybody else, and is not. 275 One does not actually get up from the seat and sit down again, but just raises oneself a little to make room for the inserted grass blades.

Site de datation de kolhapur
site de datation de kolhapur