How to relieve fatigue in the workplace
Few office workers do not know the feeling of fatigue and weaknes, suddenly appearing as a result monotonous sedentary occupations. Someone gets as symptoms of pain in the spine or…

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Lifestyle - For Strong " Fitnes and Bodybuilding
Motivation What can I say about motivation. Only what motivation — half of any succes. The rest give the remaining fifty percent. Motivation — this is the engine that helps…

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Vitamins for memory improvement and adaptation to stres in schoolchildren 7 to 14 years

Choose the balanced vitamins for school children is one of the important tasks that parents decide, preparing the child for learning.

Stationery, portfolio, notebooks and textbooks – it is something without which it is imposible to study, but it also is imposible without good health.

When purchasing for a child in the pharmacy is fully developed with consideration of scientific recommendations vitamin mineral complex, you make a choice in favor of vitamins for memory, intelligence, concentration and activity, so necesary for students. Because the deficiencies in school age may result:

to fatigue;

reduced concentration and attention;




ALFAVIT Student included those vitamins and minerals that take into account the peculiarities of the age from 7 till 14 years. Regular intake of these nutrients helps to grow, to learn all the time something new and succesfully master the knowledge, to develop harmoniously; they increase efficiency, support the child in adapting to a new team. Those in school years devotes much time to the sport, the components of the ALPHABET, the Student will help to cope with physical exertion when you visit sports clubs, electives in physical education.

Although the status of a pupil makes me feel very adult, child, of course, remains a child. Therefore ALPHABET a Pupil is a serious composition, but delicious form – it is available as a chewable tablet with fruit taste, so much more.