The basic elements of a healthy lifestyle
Keep yourself in shape How to choose a home trainer? Part1. Proper nutrition is the basis of fitnes. Part1. Pushups - our everything! Diet fitnes. Monday - Day Fish! Diet…

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Breathing exercises for elderly - Pneumonia - medicine - That everyone should know.
As soon as allowed attending physician, start breathing exercises. For example, inflate the balloon, you should start with 2-3 breaths. The physical therapy specialists developed a special rehabilitation exercises. One…

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The impact of exercise on the digestive system

Exercise, increase metabolism and energy, increase the body’s need for nutrients, stimulating the digestive proceses.

However, eating just before physical work, slowing digestive proceses.

Inhibition of digestive proceses during intense muscular activity is asociated with redistribution of blood. The blood supply to the digestive glands decreases, leading to a decrease in the excretion of digestive

juices and enzymes.

Therefore, it is not recommended immediately after eating to start exercising. In sports it is necesary to bear in mind that not only the muscular work slows down digestive proceses, but also the digestion of food has a negative effect on motor activity. Blood flow to the skeletal muscles to the organs of the abdominal cavity reduce the efficiency of physical work. in addition, a full stomach raises the dome of the diaphragm, which affects the activity of the organs of respiration and circulation. In this connection between food intake and physical exercises, it is advisable to allow at least 2 hours.

Often athletes have to train (or to speak at events) shortly after eating. In this case, it is desirable that the food was dominated by carbohydrates that are quickly absorbed and digested. Otherwise, the food will be «lie» in the stomach without the action. For this reason, should not be taken before workouts and competitions medicines in tablet form.

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The yoga centre "Sphere" Yoga FiT 23 – the fitnes version of the Yoga techniques 23 Training Yoga 23Fit is a bundle of fixed training programs, the level of which…

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