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Research has shown that stretching before a run does not reduce the number of injuries

Runners often argue whether or not before a run to stretch. Some believe that it helps to run better and prevent injuries. Others advise if and stretch — then after your run, when muscles are warmed up.

Most likely right second. Stretching before a run does not affect the probability of injury. This study was conducted by the University of George Washington and the organization USA Track and Field Asociation (USATF).

The researchers recruited a group of 2729 volunteers who regularly run at

least 16 miles a week. Half of them did before run stretching exercises (quadriceps, femoral and calf muscles), while the second half of the stretch marks did not.

For the period of three months no statistically significant difference in risk of injury between these groups have been identified. Stretch marks neither increased nor decreased the risk. However, as expected, the risk was elevated in those with increased body mas index (BMI), people with chronic injuries, runners of advanced age and those who are running a lot. They were mostly injuries to the feet, ankles and knees.

Interestingly, the likelihood of injury is increased if the runner changed his habits (to do a specific person stretching or not, was determined at baseline randomly). That is, those who are not stretched and suddenly began to stretch, the risk of injury increased by 22 percent. Those who were stretched out and stopped doing it — is the risk increased by 40 percent.

Conclusion: now if you stretch before a run — keep doing, or stop, but only gradually. If not stretched — it is not necesary.


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