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The study showed that strong physical activity negatively affect the immune system

The study showed that strong physical activity negatively affect the immune system. Judging by a recent study by Australian scientists, athletes, often considered the ideal health and excellent physical condition, can often be subject to disease than those who are not engaged in active sports.

Nick West (Nic West) from Griffith University (Queensland, Australia) has

conducted research on a group of the strongest rowers to determine the degree of involvement of the salivary proteins in the fight against infections caused by respiratory viruses.

West believes that the salivary proteins, such as lactoferrin and lysozyme, have direct antimicrobial effect, and their number increases as the body fights infection.

The first study was conducted over five months, and was attended by paddlers and people leading a sedentary lifestyle. The results of this study showed that high physical activity sharply reduced the concentration level of lactoferrin.

However, during the second phase of research, during which the measured concentration of lactoferrin in rowers after the medium of exercise and rest, it was found that moderate exercise and rest contributed to raising the level of concentration of lactoferrin and lysozyme for a short period of time.

West believes that the increase in the number of salivary proteins after strenuous exercise and immediate relaxation after them is a temporary reaction of the body’s defenses.

In General, the esence of the research is that moderate physical activity followed by rest stimulate the immune system, while high loads without rest it lower.