Moscow parks will open the fitnes sites for older people - news - the Soviet Sports
In the parks of Moscow started the installation of exercise equipment for the elderly. This practice came to Rusia from Europe, where the elderly often lead an active and sporty…

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Gymnastics and warm-up in the office
Workout should not be done too aggresively, so you'll increase perspiration, and get in the shower in the evening. Enough to do 10 to 20 repetitions. Sitting at your workplace,…

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Visegradska morning physical zaryadka

On the day of Olympism 28 June starts and will be held every Saturday sports community project «Visegradska morning physical exercises” to all comers of the city of Rostov and the region!

Charging wave will take place in a fun friendly environment in all areas of our city. Place the 1st stage charging – MD. North!

In charge of the program:

– profesional sportsmen, coaches, profesional sports trainers will conduct exercises with came under clockwork music, performing warm-up and fitnes exercises;

– at the end of charging with everyone will give a master clas on the basics of proper organization of its training proces, the correctnes of the exercise;

– each participant will be able to find complete information about the nearest sports facilities for sports, sports schools, sections for kids and adults, places for outdoor activities.

Here you can also find out the schedule of sports events in the city of Rostov-on-don, so that everyone was able to participate in mas sports competitions and tournaments personally. Talk about made in June, the all-Rusian sports complex ” Ready for labor and defense”, designed to help everyone become faster, sportier, stronger.

Public project implement RRFSO «Rostov running” with the support of the office for physical culture and sports of the city of Rostov-on-don and the Administration of Voroshilovsky district.


At the landfill Matybulak began training to compete in tank biathlon
ASTANA. KAZINFORM - clases for fire training started the tank crew military unit 21450 on the range Matybulak the 40th military base "Otar", reports the pres service of the Ministry…


About the benefits of swimming ()
If you always want to be in good shape, we suggest you start with acces to the pool. But you have to choose the right exercise frequency and load in…

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