Vitamins C and E prevent the development of muscular endurance - Mednovosti.
A study by Norwegian scientists showed that vitamins E and C violate the cellular adaptation to exercising the muscles that prevents the development of muscular endurance athletes. “the Results showed…

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Diet before a competition to Lose weight easily!
Dinner Green tea (or other tea) 2 servings bread 1 baked sweet potato 1 portion of fruit 85 g or about 15 red grapes 3 servings of vegetables 1/2 Cup…

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How to breathe correctly during bagabaga to health

Five rather simple and easy tips

which will help you forget while Jogging on the problems asociated with breathing.

Sports walking and running are one of the easiest and best ways to get in good physical shape. There are many techniques and breathing methods that can make your run more enjoyable and easier and will help ensure that you avoid injuries and cramps.

There are many reasons that lead to difficulties breathing while running. Because if you cannot smooth or rapid breathing immediately need to slow

down. No matter whether you are a seasoned runner or a beginner, any of the athlete and the athlete must know how to breathe correctly while Jogging.

Tip 1. Definitely good before a run parasomnias. You must have a good warm up your muscles and make your heart beat faster. The warm up usually involves tilting your body, push-UPS, squats, stretching foot muscles and tendons.

Tip 2. Try during deep breathing to hold him for at least 4-5 seconds. Slowly exhale and before will run on distance, repeat this exercise two more — three times.

Tip 3. While running, open your mouth. Holding it closed, you hinder your breathing, since breathing exclusively through the nose.

Tip 4. Try to learn to feel while Jogging the rhythm of your breathing. Take a breath in for 2 steps, the following two step — exhale.

Tip 5. In the course of running, try to breathe in a rhythm that is convenient for the given load. If you experience breathing problems slow running breath and try to recover.