Preparing for sorevnovanijam
If you just need max to run, then just train a maximum of one approach to fresh strength, always trying to beat your highscore. The key words here are ALWAYS…

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Preparations for the test event world Cup in Sochi started
  Today, may 16, in the organizing Committee "Sochi 2014" is held the first coordination meeting for the test event (world Cup FIS) snowboard and freestyle skiing in Sochi in…

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How to relieve fatigue in the workplace

Few office workers do not know the feeling of fatigue and weaknes, suddenly appearing as a result monotonous sedentary occupations. Someone gets as symptoms of pain in the spine or the lumbar spine, someone appear pains in the eyes and headache, many swollen legs.

Fatigue in the office can be manifested in different ways, but the feeling and the discomfort that can sometimes be so strong that no job and not go to his head.

How to get rid of such problems, from the workplace? When you are not tired

— just take a break for a few minutes, drink a glas of water, sit a minute and may be taken again for work. But if the symptoms of fatigue expresed, try to execute the cycle of simple exercises that will improve circulation and invigorate stiff muscles, joints and other parts of the body. Charge might look something like this:

allow to rest tired eyes. Alternately look at the nearby and distant objects, move the eyes in different directions and masage with fingertips in a zone around them;

make a workout for the legs. Move your ankles in circles, alternately bend and unbend your legs at the knees. Pay special attention to the footsteps. You can get a masage, poraskinut fingers and soles of the feet;

to relieve stres from cervical vertebrae will help slow rotational motion and tilts his head in different directions. Perform circular movements clockwise and counterclockwise;

in conclusion, do some sit-UPS, correct inhaling and exhaling on the climbs.

Let the tirednes will leave and you will not become an obstacle to profesional development.

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