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Many, due to sedentary work, the movement in the course of the working day is limited. Get up and do regular physical exercises for the eyes of a whole Department…

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In our body the hemoglobin plays an important role. Using this feature, blood oxygen flows to every cell of our body. In case of a shortage of hemoglobin often there…

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Gymnastics and warm-up in the office

Workout should not be done too aggresively, so you’ll increase perspiration, and get in the shower in the evening. Enough to do 10 to 20 repetitions.

Sitting at your workplace, you can do little exercises for the muscles. First, lift your heels off the floor, straining your feet and then socks. After squeeze open and close their buttocks. Lean on the back of a chair with your back straight, slowly take a breath in and out, straining the abdominal muscles. Then fold and unfold the blades. Mash the neck. Do tilts right and left. The turning and rotating head. Stretch the chin forward.

You can then get up and walk around the office. It would be good to take the stairs to the 5th floor a few times.

If posible, do warm-up standing. This exercise trains all muscle groups. Keep correct posture for greater efficiency.

Exercises for arms and shoulders.

Do alternate Mahi hands up and down. Then circular Mahi.

Clasp your hands together behind her back to the castle and take up. Then interlock the castle in front of him and raise your hands above your head.

Arms out to the side and squeeze with power fists.

Exercises for back, waist and abdomen.

The rotations of the body. Fold his hands in elbows and make the turn right and left.

Tilts. Place your hands on your waist and bend in different directions, then forward, back and complete the exercise in a circular motion of the body.

Exercises for legs and buttocks .

Rise up on your toes and reach your whole body up. Falling down, relax.

Don’t be lazy, because a regular workout in the office will allow you to easily cope with work stres, and you will always be in shape.

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