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To buy treadmill KETTLER, TORNEO, ATEMI, DFC in Kursk


Treadmill can be used both as a starter and as a main load. A wide range of programs with varying degrees of intensity, the posibility of individual settings and any exercise time. the treadmill is a versatile and very popular trainer. Buy a model with suitable characteristics you can in this section of the catalog.

Jogging by way of the load changes are mechanical and electrical.

Mechanical, unlike electric, does not require connection to the electricity network, as the tape is driven by the man himself.

In electrical tracks, the tape is driven by an electric motor.

The magnitude of the load in treadmills can be adjusted by changing the angle of incline and changing the speed of movement of the canvas.

The angle of incline can be changed by mechanical or electrical means. Models of electric treadmills are equipped with a shock-absorbing platform that reduces stres on the joints. Pulse sensor — or a simple clip on the ear, or metalized strips on the handrail, which you must stick to measure.

For security purposes, all the tracks are equipped with electric safety system — security key.

Workout on the treadmill helps strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, the burning of fat, increase stamina.

When choosing a treadmill, you must consider several factors:

1. Maximum user weight — 90-160 lbs. (depends on the power of the motor).

2. The walking belt size — the larger the leaf, the more convenient to do on the track running.

3. The posibility of changing the angle of inclination.

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