How to relieve fatigue in the workplace
Few office workers do not know the feeling of fatigue and weaknes, suddenly appearing as a result monotonous sedentary occupations. Someone gets as symptoms of pain in the spine or…

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Respiratory gimnastika
Cardio breathing Specially selected breathing and conditioning exercises stimulate the functional activity of all the major systems of the body, improving heart and vital organs. The program includes exercises on…

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Moscow parks will open the fitnes sites for older people – news – the Soviet Sports

In the parks of Moscow started the installation of exercise equipment for the elderly. This practice came to Rusia from Europe, where the elderly often lead an active and sporty lifestyle.

A designated area will open in may on the Sparrow hills, said My Director

of Gorky Park Olga Zakharova. There will be about 8 simulators that will help the elderly to strengthen joints, and even train your memory. In addition, several simulators of this kind are installed in parks “Kuzminki” and “Gardeners”. At the Kuzminki has four spacecraft to train hands and fingers, legs and shoulders.

In the Izmailovo Park will soon be the rental of Nordic walking sticks, and the “Tushino” – a yoga program for seniors.

For a long time it was believed that sport can only harm your health in old age, because muscle mas and so reduced. According to studies, the aging proces originates in the muscles, los of muscle mas is one of the main causes of aging, not Vice versa. After the age of 30 years, there is a reduction of muscle mas, and in every subsequent 10 years, this proces becomes more intense. After 60 years there is a new breakthrough aggravating the los of muscle mas and strength of skeletal muscles. And at this point people should just continue to train and to pay attention to aerobic exercise, and strength.


To buy treadmill KETTLER, TORNEO, ATEMI, DFC in Kursk
Treadmills Treadmill can be used both as a starter and as a main load. A wide range of programs with varying degrees of intensity, the posibility of individual settings and…


How to breathe correctly during bagabaga to health
Five rather simple and easy tips which will help you forget while Jogging on the problems asociated with breathing. Sports walking and running are one of the easiest and best…

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