Fitnes shoes how to choose
Looking into the shop of sportswear and footwear, you will see a lot of sneakers for every taste and wealth. But what shoes will suit for fitnes best? Let's try…

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About why when running side ache and how to learn how to run - on
Ill side while running? Learn how to breathe properly! Running – one of the most affordable types of workouts that do not require any special equipment or going to the…

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Children swimming school

For children from 4 to 14 years

Teaching children to swim is an important task that needs to understand the careful and responsible parents. This learning such a skill, which will help in life, but at the same time will promote the development of good physical data from girls and boys. Children’s sports swimming helps encourage proper breathing, promotes the athletic development of the young organism, which is certainly very beneficial in the future. It is both a healthy lifestyle and healthy leisure for the younger generation.

What is the main benefit from swimming that will get your child? First, a child’s body becomes more flexible and resilient. And developing almost all groups of muscles, making the figure slim, weight – optimal for the child’s age. Secondly, the float activates the General circulation. As a result, it increases efficiency, which is especially important for high school loads of the child. Finally, a group of children swimming is a fun and interesting conversations between peers, when practical use is achieved in an exciting game.

Accordingly the benefits of baby swimming, you will notice almost immediately. Your child will cease to be sick, better able to cope with the presures from school, his body will develop properly. In addition, we have no doubt that the youngest generation all will like it. Is it posible to find a child who does not like to swim and to swim? Therefore, we invite you to enrol your child in our swim school.

The guys are profesionals: masters and candidate masters of sports, winners of aquatic competitions.