The study showed that strong physical activity negatively affect the immune system
The study showed that strong physical activity negatively affect the immune system. Judging by a recent study by Australian scientists, athletes, often considered the ideal health and excellent physical condition,…

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Clothing for sports - Independent online forum Oriflame
Now the sport has become quite a topical isue. Summer it is posible to tell, has already arrived. Soon it will be posible to wear a swimsuit and I want…

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At the landfill Matybulak began training to compete in tank biathlon

ASTANA. KAZINFORM – clases for fire training started the tank crew military unit 21450 on the range Matybulak the 40th military base “Otar”, reports the pres service of the Ministry of defense.

In preparation for tank biathlon tank units in field output conducting clases in firearms training and driving combat vehicles.

In the first international competitions in biathlon tank, which took place at the site in the suburban Alabino in 2013, the Kazakh team of soldiers took second place, leaving behind the tank crews of Belarus and Armenia.

To improve results this year and re-enter the number of winners of a tank biathlon, each crew member fulfills their practical skills: mechanics, drivers – driving tanks on different tracks with obstacles, the gunners – defeat the first shot appearing and moving target, the tank commander – marksmanship anti-aircraft machine gun NSVT.

In addition to shooting from weapons of the tank and driving combat vehicles, crews are increasing their physical fitnes.

So, in preparation for tank biathlon in the 3rd tank battalion/h 21450 best result among 9 tank platoons in the overall standings showed the 2nd platoon of the 9th tank company under the direction of the platoon commander Lieutenant T. Dushanova.

Tank biathlon as a kind of competition has arisen recently and is notable for its entertainment: during the execution of the races the participants of the international competition it is necesary to make a March, to overcome land and water obstacles to hit multiple targets at distances from 900 to 2 200 m, each of which provides a specific munition.

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