Hall to prepare for the powerlifting and bodybuilding
If You are preparing for sports competition, improve their physical abilities and hone their skills, the powerlifting club "Rubicon" can be equipped to offer You a comprehensive training hall. The…

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A breathing simulator Frolov. Healthy breathing, healthy body
The goods for the comfort, health and beauty with delivery acros Rusia Interesting article Training of cardiovascular system. Increasing the efficiency of physical exercises Training cardiovascular Chad Tackett, President type…

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About the benefits of swimming ()

If you always want to be in good shape, we suggest you start with acces to the pool. But you have to choose the right exercise frequency and load in the clasroom.

Intensive swimming is quite good for the body. It promotes stamina, improves the circulatory system, and increases the efficiency. Swimming is especially useful for people with extra weight. But note that to reduce weight gradually, and give yourself a once large loads. We advise you to take at most 3-4 times a week. The length of the clas should be about 40 minutes.

Doctors advise to start to go to the pool for a few months before you start to do other sports. We suggest you start to use the pool in the morning, in the hours of greatest activity. In any case, you need to consider your own biorhythms.

We advise you to do in the pool several times a week. It is very important to make up the energy body and eat enough. But at the same time, one should not overeat. We recommend you to eat for a couple of hours to visit the pool. Note that you can walk on an empty stomach in the pool is very dangerous, so you shouldn’t do.

If the purpose of the pool is losing weight, then don’t forget that you should drop no more than 5 pounds a month, as advised by the doctors. Program weight los must be calculated on an individual basis. It can be quite long. This should take into account age, weight and overall health.


The choice of sports shoes
Sports shoes is the most important part of equipment for active sports. It directly affects how we run or perform other physical activities. What kind of sports shoes to choose…


Gymnastics in the workplace - Dam. - pregnancy, childbirth, family, children
Many, due to sedentary work, the movement in the course of the working day is limited. Get up and do regular physical exercises for the eyes of a whole Department…

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