A breathing simulator Frolov. Healthy breathing, healthy body
The goods for the comfort, health and beauty with delivery acros Rusia Interesting article Training of cardiovascular system. Increasing the efficiency of physical exercises Training cardiovascular Chad Tackett, President type…

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Vitamins C and E prevent the development of muscular endurance - Mednovosti.
A study by Norwegian scientists showed that vitamins E and C violate the cellular adaptation to exercising the muscles that prevents the development of muscular endurance athletes. “the Results showed…

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Diet before a competition to Lose weight easily!

Dinner Green tea (or other tea) 2 servings bread 1 baked sweet potato 1 portion of fruit 85 g or about 15 red grapes 3 servings of vegetables 1/2 Cup (90 g) steamed asparagus 2 cups (56 g) mixed green salad 8 servings of lean protein 227 g salmon, grilled 2 cups fat 8 large.If on the same day later conducted another training, we need to ensure as a priority the task of maintaining the quality of your workout, the recovery of stocks of carbs between workouts.

L. (30 ml) salad dresings with low fat Snack before clas, water 1 Cup milk 1 Cup (245 g) natural yogurt 1 Cup fruit 3/4 Cup (109 g) blueberries,

sweetened low-calorie sweetener type “Splenda” Leson Water Cocktail after clas 1 serving of milk is 1 Cup (237 ml) skim milk 2 servings of very lean protein 14.L. (18 g) raisins 1 serving protein average fat Eizo scrambled eggs cooked in non-stick skillet 2 servings of very lean protein 4 egg whites, added to the egg 1 serving of fat 1 tbsp. Some runners feel discomfort when running on a full stomach. Others like to eat right before a race or performing heavy exercises.

High aerobic capacity is particularly important for middle distance runners: maximal oxygen uptake in middle-distance runners higher than that of the best marathoners.Finally, there is the problem of systematic fatigue. Intense aerobic exercise is exhausting the body.The longer race or training sesion, the more important the food after it.

Respiratory gimnastika
Cardio breathing Specially selected breathing and conditioning exercises stimulate the functional activity of all the major systems of the body, improving heart and vital organs. The program includes exercises on…


Healthy lifestyle, healthy sleep, nutrition, longevity, fitnes, beauty, rejuvenation,
Why ” healthy life”, not “healthy lifestyle”? In this case, just the individual sense of the word – “healthy lifestyle”, though very popular and well-established expresion, sounds, in my opinion,…

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