Vitamins C and E prevent the development of muscular endurance - Mednovosti.
A study by Norwegian scientists showed that vitamins E and C violate the cellular adaptation to exercising the muscles that prevents the development of muscular endurance athletes. “the Results showed…

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Proper nutrition with Herbalife products, buy Herbalife "Independent Partner Herbalife" is created for those who are looking for products in Internet. Here you can learn: how to order products by…

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About why when running side ache and how to learn how to run – on

Ill side while running? Learn how to breathe properly!

Running – one of the most affordable types of workouts that do not require any special equipment or going to the fitnes club. However, Jogging has its tricks. How to run correctly to training brought maximum benefit – in this article.

Major role in the run plays proper breathing. Usually the minute a person makes about 10-15 breaths. For every training this number increases significantly – up to 40-50 breaths. This is because the body begins to experience increased demand for oxygen, which is required to start the proces of breaking down fat. However,

improper breathing while running may cause very soon you will start to suffocate, to experience unpleasant sensations, like pain in the side or under the ribs. How to get rid of pain in your side while running? Adjust your breathing technique: first take a shallow breath in through mouth and nose simultaneously, and then at step exhale through the mouth. Continue to breathe and exhale with an interval in two steps. By the way, it will not cause special difficulties: such a rhythm is easily installed in a natural way.

What happens to the body? On every inhale is a large muscle located between the organs of the abdomen and lungs – diaphragm – will move down. And the other digestive organs, such as liver, stomach, etc. “bounce” while running up and down. Actually, that is what creates the discomfort in the form of pain in my side. If You will synchronize your steps with the breath according to the above scheme, we can arrange the movement of the diaphragm and internal organs, and the pain will recede, and the run will seem much easier.