Carmen Electra aerobic strip tease learn pole dancing home
Many of us probably thought about how to diversify your sexual life, interest and surprise a loved one. And most likely, in my head the idea first came to dance…

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The choice of sports shoes
Sports shoes is the most important part of equipment for active sports. It directly affects how we run or perform other physical activities. What kind of sports shoes to choose…

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Proven beneficial effect of physical activity on memory

Scientists have found that physical activity not only useful for the muscles of the body but also for the brain. For this, the researchers showed the participants .

Of the images evoked positive emotions, the other part — a negative, and some of the images were neutral.

Then the volunteers were put on a special simulator on the feet. From this experimental group required considerable physical effort, and the participants of the control group just sat in the chair, allowing the

machine and the experimenter to move his feet.

During the experiment, the scientists measured blood presure in the body and heart rate of the volunteers. Each of the participants also took a saliva sample to detect levels of neurotransmitters related to stres. 48 hours later, the volunteers returned to the lab. They now showed 180 photos — 90 images, which they have already seen, and plus 90 new. The control group remembered about 50% of the photos shown earlier, while the participants who engaged in a power simulator, — about 60%.

The study showed that is really simple to improve your memory with the help of strength training, and once again confirmed the positive impact of exercise. ” Even without an expensive fMRI scan can reveal which areas of the brain asociated with a similar effect. The results are consistent with papers that describe the parts of the brain, providing a positive effect of physical activity on human memory”, concluded the researcher Audrey Duarte.


Preparations for the test event world Cup in Sochi started
  Today, may 16, in the organizing Committee "Sochi 2014" is held the first coordination meeting for the test event (world Cup FIS) snowboard and freestyle skiing in Sochi in…


Hall to prepare for the powerlifting and bodybuilding
If You are preparing for sports competition, improve their physical abilities and hone their skills, the powerlifting club "Rubicon" can be equipped to offer You a comprehensive training hall. The…

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