The study showed that strong physical activity negatively affect the immune system
The study showed that strong physical activity negatively affect the immune system. Judging by a recent study by Australian scientists, athletes, often considered the ideal health and excellent physical condition,…

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About the benefits of swimming ()
If you always want to be in good shape, we suggest you start with acces to the pool. But you have to choose the right exercise frequency and load in…

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Fitnes shoes how to choose

Looking into the shop of sportswear and footwear, you will see a lot of sneakers for every taste and wealth. But what shoes will suit for fitnes best? Let’s try to understand how the existing rules.

Features the correct Shoe for fitnes – lightweight, elastic and flexible sole. Heavy shoes makes your legs to lift the extra weight. But on the fitnes programs there are other, more effective ways to workout your muscles. And in severe sneakers you will not be able to have rest between loads. The elasticity of the soles provide ease of movement and prevent foot injuries .

Fitnes shoes should well fix the ankle and heel of the Shoe need solid. In addition, in the heel area of their shoes pit is required so that the heel was comfortable. Don’t choose a pair with a very high heel, because when some of the exercises he will start to pres, causing inflammation or damage to the ligaments.

Even though in the hall you don’t run long distances, give preference to fitnes footwear with good shock absorption. By the way, instructors are recommended to wear sneakers to clas with a small rise (1 – 2 cm) under the heel, which reduces the load on the muscles and ligaments. I do not recommend buying the model with great grip; its value depends on the depth and complexity of the tread.

To buy fitnes shoes better in the evening. Then a little swollen leg will not allow you to purchase sneakers “butt”, which will hamper your movement in the clasroom. Favourite models should be comfortable – not to RUB or squeeze. And another tip: don’t wear to the gym just bought shoes. Training in these sneakers is unlikely to give you pleasure. First, a little smash them.

Fitnes clases at home for weight
Planning pregnancy examination before Moreover, because of this your muscles will look sluggish. Clases is one of the best ways to achieve weight los through fat reserves, but not at…


Preparing for the first competition in powerlifting membership fee and purchase of equipment
I made another step towards its big goal — become a Master of Sports in powerlifting. Paid membership fee in the amount of 300 lei and confirmed the participation in…

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