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Breathing exercises for elderly – Pneumonia – medicine – That everyone should know.

As soon as allowed attending physician, start breathing exercises. For example, inflate the balloon, you should start with 2-3 breaths. The physical therapy specialists developed a special rehabilitation exercises. One of them offered to your attention.

Do these exercises:

Lying on your back

1. Diaphragmatic breathing. Initial position (I. p.) — one arm was lying on his stomach, the other on the chest to monitor breathing. Slowly inhale, belly to stick out. Exhale stomach.

2. I. p. — arms along the body. Bend your arms at the elbows, inhale, straighten — out.

3. I. p. — lying on his right side. Right hand under the head, the left rests on the hip. Left hand lift up and pull-to-head — inhale, lower the hand — out. The same lying on the other side.

Sitting on a chair (if the patient is on a nonstrict bed mode)

1. I. p. — hands down. Hand in hand — a breath, crosed her hands clasped chest — exhale.

2. I. p. — hands on his belt. Lean left, lowering the left arm down, right to tighten along the body — breath. Return to I. p. exhale. The same in the other direction.

3. Easy patting the hand on your chest, inhale, hands to drop to his knees, leaning forward, exhale.

Each exercise repeat 4-7 times.

If a patient, but anti-bacterial, the doctor prescribed a means for the prevention of heart failure, then they need to be used systematically. Remember: when pneumonia herbal medicine is a complementary therapeutic tool and not a substitute for antibiotic therapy.


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