Research has shown that stretching before a run does not reduce the number of injuries
Runners often argue whether or not before a run to stretch. Some believe that it helps to run better and prevent injuries. Others advise if and stretch — then after…

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Healthy lifestyle, healthy sleep, nutrition, longevity, fitnes, beauty, rejuvenation,
Why ” healthy life”, not “healthy lifestyle”? In this case, just the individual sense of the word – “healthy lifestyle”, though very popular and well-established expresion, sounds, in my opinion,…

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The basic elements of a healthy lifestyle

Keep yourself in shape

How to choose a home trainer? Part1.

Proper nutrition is the basis of fitnes. Part1.

Pushups – our everything!

Diet fitnes. Monday – Day Fish!

Diet fitnes. Tuesday – Day Meat!

Diet fitnes. Friday – wash fruit before eating!

The main ” Article ” the Basic elements of a healthy lifestyle

The basic elements of a healthy lifestyle

All we want as long as you can stay strong, beautiful. healthy and never lose the love of life and good relations with relatives. But for some reason few have all been asociated with the concept of “healthy life”, although it is in it lie the secrets how to achieve all of the above.

Briefly analyze the basic elements of a healthy lifestyle:

1. Regular correct physical exercise. It is not necesary to delve into the sport, just not to neglect outdoor activities, if posible, to walk more often. Ideally, to do fitnes.

2. Correct complete meals. Three to four times per day with the inclusion of fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals, juices. Avoiding foods that contain a lot of preservatives.

3. Avoiding alcohol, Smoking, drugs.

4. Regular stay in the woods or in a Park, in the fresh air.

5. Hardening, improving immunity. (Pouring, wiping, running in the dew and so regular exposure to heat, cold and sunlight). Man adapts to the effects of the environment.

6. The ability to cope with stres. Using meditative techniques, specialists, self-control and composure.

7. Efficient use of time. Proverb says: “the more do, the more time”.

8. Concern about the environment. From it also depends on the condition.

9. The use of medical care when needed. Not to delay treatment, believing that “it will be”. A basic knowledge of first aid.

10. Positive attitude towards life.

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The study showed that strong physical activity negatively affect the immune system
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