Diet before a competition to Lose weight easily!
Dinner Green tea (or other tea) 2 servings bread 1 baked sweet potato 1 portion of fruit 85 g or about 15 red grapes 3 servings of vegetables 1/2 Cup…

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How to breathe correctly when Behe
It would seem to run that much here difficult. And many are starting to practice Jogging, do not think that in this sport, as in others, there is a different…

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Breathing exercises in pulmonary tuberculosis, Strelnikova gymnastics

Breathing exercises Many people with tuberculosis as an additional treatment along with drugs prescribed breathing exercises.

The fact that TB patients suffer from clogging of the bronchi or bronchoobstructive.

Breathing exercises is used to improve the patency of upper and middle respiratory tract. With the help of simple exercises can also improve the expectoration of poorly ventilated areas of the lungs.

Breathing exercises can improve the condition of the patient, as it can increase the microcirculation of the bronchial tree and upper respiratory

tract. Let’s not forget the fact that the exercises are improving the condition of the rotor and of the nasopharynx, adenoids help, chronic rhinitis, snoring.

The most commonly used breathing exercises Strelnikova. This exercises should be conducted in a well ventilated area, in this case, the patient should be loose clothing that will not restrict movement. These exercises operate fast enough.

The principle of gymnastics, short and sharp breaths through the nose,which are made on the movement of compresing the chest (breaths go on tilt, squats and bends). Exercise actively include the work of all parts of the body (arms, leg, head, hip girdle, abdominals, shoulder girdle, etc.) and cause General physiological response of the whole body, increased oxygen demand, strengthen internal respiration which increases the absorption of oxygen by tisues.

Recommended 2 times a day to 1500 breaths-movements.