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How to breathe correctly when Behe
It would seem to run that much here difficult. And many are starting to practice Jogging, do not think that in this sport, as in others, there is a different…

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Respiratory gimnastika

Cardio breathing

Specially selected breathing and conditioning exercises stimulate the functional activity of all the major systems of the body, improving heart and vital organs. The program includes exercises on coordination and oculomotor exercises and elements of autogenic training.

Clases are conducted in group and individual form.

Breathing exercises shown in diseases

• cardiovascular system

• coronary heart disease

• hypertension

• vegetative-vascular dystonia, etc.

The program promotes rapid recovery after physical and mental stres, increases efficiency and vitality, relieves stres and eliminates the syndrome of “chronic fatigue”.

Active breathing

The leson is conducted by the method of A. N. Strelnikova.

This breathing exercises

• an excellent prevention of diseases

• compatible with all circular exercise: walking, Jogging, swimming;

• a positive effect on the body as a whole – the work includes all the muscles;

• gives a good effect to the exercise of muscular system respiratory and chest;

• to practice gymnastics does not require special physical training

Recommended exercises in the following diseases:

• asthma and chronic diseases of the bronchi and lungs;

• rhinitis (chronic runny nose), sinusitis;

• diabetes and its complications;

• neuroses and neurogenic diseases;

• hypertension, angina, coronary artery disease;

• stomach ulcer (without exacerbation);

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Breathing exercises in pulmonary tuberculosis, Strelnikova gymnastics
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