Preparing for sorevnovanijam
If you just need max to run, then just train a maximum of one approach to fresh strength, always trying to beat your highscore. The key words here are ALWAYS…

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Office fitnes center family medicine in Kiev – Healthy&Happy
Office fitnes Pain in the neck or between the shoulder blades at the end of the working day, increased fatigue, headaches – that is what we are paying for the…

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Increased physical activity is necesary for patients with a donor heart

Undergoing surgery for heart transplantation patients, doctors recommend exercises of medium intensity. Recently, however, scientists from the University of Copenhagen have found that performing vigorous exercise is much better for these patients than moderate load, since it helps to control blood presure.

Experts believe that interval training is high intensity is much safer and more efficient medium loads. Refers to short exercises that allow you to achieve a close and a maximum level of heart rate.

The aim of the research was to ascertain the feasibility of interval training high intensity for people with the donor heart. As a result of comparison of the results of 12-week intensive training interval type with results moderate loads of similar duration, the scientists found that intense exercise is completely safe for patients, more than a year living with a new heart. In addition, these exercises have a stronger impact on tolerance to physical stres and normalize blood presure than moderate load.

After 2.5 months of intensive training is the greatest indicator of oxygen consumption was 17% higher, while the subjects from group performing moderate exercise, it increased by only 10%.

Intense training led to a decrease in systolic blood presure and increased heart rate. As a result medium loads, these figures have not changed. As for the recovery period, heart rate, its duration was reduced in participants of both groups.


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