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Why ” healthy life”, not “healthy lifestyle”? In this case, just the individual sense of the word – “healthy lifestyle”, though very popular and well-established expresion, sounds, in my opinion,…

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The yoga centre "Sphere" Yoga FiT 23 – the fitnes version of the Yoga techniques 23 Training Yoga 23Fit is a bundle of fixed training programs, the level of which…

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Preparing for the first competition in powerlifting membership fee and purchase of equipment

I made another step towards its big goal — become a Master of Sports in powerlifting. Paid membership fee in the amount of 300 lei and confirmed the participation in the powerlifting competition, which will be held in Chisinau. Just 2 months. Plan category — until Now my weight is 90 kg. 90,5 kg. Have not much to lean on sweets, to enter into the category of 90 (the weighting will be 1 day before the competition)

So, what metrics to date:

Squats — 150 kg

Bench pres — 107,5 kg

Deadlift — 170 kg

What results want to show on the competition:

Squats — 170 kg

Bench pres — 120 kg

Deadlift — 190 kg

Now about the outfit:

Jumpsuit (tights) — have already bought. By the way, inexpensive — 180 lei

Gaiters — bought today, 70 lei

Wearing this Elevator operator belt — a couple of years ago I bought, everything is OK, good so far

Weightlifting — while weightlifting is not forked out, will look closer to the summer

Bandages for wrist (for bench pres) — bought 2-3 weeks ago. Already get rid of them — shook 107,5 (the current maximum). Exactly do not remember the price, around 200 lei in PowerTeam-e

Bandages for squats — currently use the old (very weak), but ordered today on Ebay profesional Inzer Gripper Knee Wraps — 2.5 Meter (Anatoly and Lina advised). The cost is $ 43 the bandages + $ 25 shipping from USA = 68 USD. Well, let’s see how fast walk (while I was writing the article — have received a mesage from the seller that already sent the parcel).

What are your plans for precompetitive period?

To train balanced, not to be rude with weights to work exactly according to plan

To hold 3 hard workout in the club “Minotaur” (in Anatolia and Lina) to track equipment

To allocate funds for BCAA

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