How to breathe correctly during bagabaga to health
Five rather simple and easy tips which will help you forget while Jogging on the problems asociated with breathing. Sports walking and running are one of the easiest and best…

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A breathing simulator Frolov. Healthy breathing, healthy body
The goods for the comfort, health and beauty with delivery acros Rusia Interesting article Training of cardiovascular system. Increasing the efficiency of physical exercises Training cardiovascular Chad Tackett, President type…

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Preparations for the test event world Cup in Sochi started


Today, may 16, in the organizing Committee “Sochi 2014” is held the first coordination meeting for the test event (world Cup FIS) snowboard and freestyle skiing in Sochi in 2013.

The peculiarity of the preparation for the upcoming tournaments is that the joint organizing Committee includes in its membership representatives of

two all-Rusian sports federations – freestyle Federation of Rusia and the FsR. The reason is that both the Federation hold their world Cup in all Olympic disciplines at the same resort “Rosa Khutor” (pictured) and at the same time – from 11 to 19 February 2013 on the slopes and the slopes of the nearby parks.

Together with the representatives of the two federations in the first sesion attended and the staff of the Ministry of sports and tourism, the International ski Federation (FIS), organizing Committee «Sochi 2014″, OCD, Asociation of ski sports of Rusia and HCA ’s rose farm”. Specially for participation in the work of the Committee arrived in Moscow the Director of the world Cup freestyle skiing and snowboard Joe Fitzgerald and Uwe Beyer.

Although the first meeting is largely organizational in nature, it is necesary to discus the wide range of key isues of the organization of competitions, the interaction of all involved in the preparation and conduct of competitions km structures. They cover almost all areas of work. Isues of optimization of the schedule of the competition, the degree of readines of objects, recruitment specialists, television broadcasts and marketing policy.

The sesion will end tonight. The following are planned in the Korean Gangwani at the end of may while working there the 48th FIS Congres.


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