Breathing exercises in pulmonary tuberculosis, Strelnikova gymnastics
Breathing exercises Many people with tuberculosis as an additional treatment along with drugs prescribed breathing exercises. The fact that TB patients suffer from clogging of the bronchi or bronchoobstructive. Breathing…

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Proven beneficial effect of physical activity on memory
Scientists have found that physical activity not only useful for the muscles of the body but also for the brain. For this, the researchers showed the participants . Of the…

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Useful for the organism properties yogi


Before you start to run

Jogging, Biking, triathlon and Amateur sports in General are fond of more and more people around in the parks in the evenings becomes les beer drinkers and more bright runner in that to Europe or the USA we are still very far in this respect, but not all at once, importantly, the progres is obvious. Referring to yesterday’s tragedy at the Kiev half marathon, when 28-year-old runner’s heart gave out and convey the words of my friend, as a faithful guide to action for those who only wants to run or already running, but never thought about heart rates. Thank You, Denis .

Indonesian cuisine at home: corn fritters and Ketut

For the first time in Bali, it seems that men around the name Ketut. Well like in the movie Eat Pray Love. Poziva here for a month, I understand that not all – still have Wayan, made and Niman. Research has shown this.

The Balinese — among simple peasant population — a fun tradition to name all children of a certain list of names based on the order in which children are born. The list of names exists only for four children, so if fifth born, the circle begins anew. The order like this:

The Superfoods in the diet

Superfoods — super useful natural supplements to foods that make us better and healthier. And yet every year are becoming increasingly popular among followers of special diets, healthy lifestyles and athletes. The roots, seeds and berries, which have a high concentration of nutrients, unique in its properties. Useful supplements you can buy in online stores, pharmacies and shops of healthy food in the form of powders, juices, shakes, gels and extracts.

However, is it really good overseas seeds and pellets, and can we replace them with our usual digestion products? And are they really better than vitamins? Little bit of facts. As rules of life superfood: Read more →

Why not ashamed to love sunflower seeds

Healthy blood healthy body
In our body the hemoglobin plays an important role. Using this feature, blood oxygen flows to every cell of our body. In case of a shortage of hemoglobin often there…


Breathing during Bega
When you run, you need air. This is normal, especially if you are a beginner. Your body needs oxygen, just as a car needs gasoline. When you do physical exercise,…

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