Diet before a competition to Lose weight easily!
Dinner Green tea (or other tea) 2 servings bread 1 baked sweet potato 1 portion of fruit 85 g or about 15 red grapes 3 servings of vegetables 1/2 Cup…

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Proven beneficial effect of physical activity on memory
Scientists have found that physical activity not only useful for the muscles of the body but also for the brain. For this, the researchers showed the participants . Of the…

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The yoga centre “Sphere”

Yoga FiT 23 – the fitnes version of the Yoga techniques 23

Training Yoga 23Fit is a bundle of fixed training programs, the level of which depends on the level of fitnes of the group.

Exercises used in Yoga practice 23 Fitnes version, based on purely physical and intuitive actions — moving the body from one form to another, controlled breathing, eye movements, tongue, hands and feet. These exercises have no relation to religious and philosophical insinuations and do not require repetition of some concepts and beliefs.

Workout Yoga FiT 23 usually consists of a short warm-up, breathing exercises and short sequences of asanas – gymnastic exercises of the yogis, separated by short cycles of relaxation or pranayama. The combination mode special rhythmic breathing and movement allows you to activate the movement of fluids and energy in the body, that solves the problem of stagnant proceses, helps remove toxins and has a strong therapeutic effect. Methodically it all organized is quite simple and provides the maximum safety and efficiency even when a person does exercise the first time, and the instructor does not have time to correct him. The training proces is organized in such a way that an hour and a half standard clases engaged to provide a full cycle of self-adjustment, from simple warm-UPS to high-quality settings in the field of information control.

Conducts a presentation and master clas teacher for yoga Nina Stepanova. Practicing yoga since 2008. Does Yoga 23 on system V. A. Sidersky since 2011. In 2015, succesfully pased the course on training methodology YOGA23 and YOGA 23Fit.