Preparing for the first competition in powerlifting membership fee and purchase of equipment
I made another step towards its big goal — become a Master of Sports in powerlifting. Paid membership fee in the amount of 300 lei and confirmed the participation in…

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How to breathe correctly when Behe
It would seem to run that much here difficult. And many are starting to practice Jogging, do not think that in this sport, as in others, there is a different…

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The benefits of yoga peace and strength in the muscles

Yoga is a system of personal growth, the attention which is paid to the development of body, mind and soul. Breathing techniques and meditation are the key to peace of mind and good physical health. Yoga means “Union, Union” and is considered a powerful means of achieving harmony of body and soul. Breathing exercises and pranayama contribute to a healthier body and mind, giving vitality and peace of mind. The popularity of yoga worldwide as a health and fitnes practice explains its beneficial effects on people.

The beneficial properties of yoga

The fundamental purpose of yoga is to maintain harmony of body, mind and the surrounding world. Yoga has countles beneficial effects:

Increases flexibility

Improves joints, ligaments and tendons

Provides masage all organs of the body

Perfectly strengthens muscles

Gives emotional balance and peace of mind

Cares for perfect posture

Improves digestion

Reduces body fat

Restores damaged back muscles

Reduces the time of wound healing

Prevents getting repetitive injuries

Yoga can also serve as a means of self-discipline, as well as improve concentration and memory. Yoga is very useful for young people who are often able to maintain their natural flexibility for many years. Teens can develop the inner strength to cope with stres and the negative impact of the surrounding world, and to maintain youthful flexibility. Leisurely yoga asanas help older people to facilitate such health problems like poor blood circulation and arthritis Arthritis – a variety of forms and complications .

Healthy blood healthy body
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Proven beneficial effect of physical activity on memory
Scientists have found that physical activity not only useful for the muscles of the body but also for the brain. For this, the researchers showed the participants . Of the…

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