Research has shown that stretching before a run does not reduce the number of injuries
Runners often argue whether or not before a run to stretch. Some believe that it helps to run better and prevent injuries. Others advise if and stretch — then after…

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The study showed that strong physical activity negatively affect the immune system
The study showed that strong physical activity negatively affect the immune system. Judging by a recent study by Australian scientists, athletes, often considered the ideal health and excellent physical condition,…

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The benefits of fitnes clases for women

And you still think whether to go to the gym, and whether fitnes is good for your health and shape? I hope after reading this article, you drop all your doubts completely and become a fan of a healthy lifestyle. We will not pay attention about the truths of the written use of physical activity, they already know it all.

While many people know that fitnes in addition to good physical component, there are other advantages? These are the pros and should talk more. Fitnes for body Fitnes is not just a detail asembled into a single set of exercises. It would be better to say the way of life, in which there is

no place for bad habits, diets, etc. Starting clases, You will have to change your approach to your nutrition and start to consider the intensity of physical activity when preparing the menu. But this does not mean that You will have yourself to limit or to gang up on protein foods, for a trained person it is important that his food was in a balanced state. These changes are in favor of your body, and later after you feel the first improvements after seeing the first results, you will not wish to return to the previous lifestyle.

Fitnes for spirit fitnes advise and many psychologists. And not just for a change of scenery and psychological relaxation, which is important for women. At the time of fitnes increases your self-esteem, most of the exercises untrained person get with great difficulty, after the first few workouts are really hurting the muscles, you want to quit, but you don’t give up. Gradually your body starts to get used to the load, after which begin to appear the first results. Have confidence in your own abilities, you begin to respect yourself for your perseverance, patience, commitment.

The choice of sports shoes
Sports shoes is the most important part of equipment for active sports. It directly affects how we run or perform other physical activities. What kind of sports shoes to choose…


The benefits of yoga peace and strength in the muscles
Yoga is a system of personal growth, the attention which is paid to the development of body, mind and soul. Breathing techniques and meditation are the key to peace of…

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