The choice of sports shoes
Sports shoes is the most important part of equipment for active sports. It directly affects how we run or perform other physical activities. What kind of sports shoes to choose…

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How to breathe correctly when Behe
It would seem to run that much here difficult. And many are starting to practice Jogging, do not think that in this sport, as in others, there is a different…

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Healthy blood healthy body

In our body the hemoglobin plays an important role. Using this feature, blood oxygen flows to every cell of our body. In case of a shortage of hemoglobin often there is a painful condition like anemia. It is fraught causeles fatigue, headache, susceptibility to infections, slow healing of wounds.

Lowering of hemoglobin in the blood can occur for different reasons. Most often it happens because of low content of iron-containing substances and certain vitamins in the food. But sometimes low hemoglobin is observed in a reduced ability to metabolize these substances. In addition, the Continue reading

Fitnes shoes how to choose

Looking into the shop of sportswear and footwear, you will see a lot of sneakers for every taste and wealth. But what shoes will suit for fitnes best? Let’s try to understand how the existing rules.

Features the correct Shoe for fitnes – lightweight, elastic and flexible sole. Heavy shoes makes your legs to lift the extra weight. But on the fitnes programs there are other, more effective ways to workout your muscles. And in severe sneakers you will not be able to have rest between loads. The elasticity of the soles provide ease of movement and prevent foot injuries .
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How to recover after running the Recipe miracle-smoothies – Fitnes Exercises for weight los – Health

Fitnes blogger Tina Hubert shared the secret of the magic smoothies, which helped her to recover after grueling workouts when training for a marathon. According to the fitnes blogger, as increased her weekly mileage, it became harder to recover after workouts. Tina became more reasonable to make up their menu, and paid special attention to what consumes after sport.

Fitnes blogger Tina Huppert during intense workouts recommends that special attention be paid to proper nutrition carrotsncake.
The most effective means for restoring power was a cocktail whose ingredients help to fight inflammation and help to overcome the pain and fatigue.

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According to Tina, this drink not only helps to recover, but also gives energy and also has several other advantages. Bananas, for example, provide a healthy dose of potasium, necesary to replenish the electrolytes that are lost with sweat. And blueberries – rich in antioxidants berry – helps to fight free radicals, which quantity after intense exercise increases. Continue reading